What does Premier Supplies do?
Premier Supplies is committed to Making It Happen for our customers throughout the U.S. by providing a wide range of products which includes office supplies, office furniture, school supplies, warehouse supplies, breakroom supplies and furniture, coffee and brewers, and technology products.
Premier Supplies serves businesses of all sizes with 42 distribution centers disperse throughout the U.S.

How long have we been in business?
In 1992, Premier Supplies incorporated as a supplier for local businesses in the New York City area. Today, it has evolved into a national supplier with over 200,000 products to offer to our customers. Reviewed by many, Premier Supplies has been recognized as better than the leading competitors. We are committed to serving you with the same quality we have been providing to satisfied customers for over 15 years.
What makes Premier Supplies different than our competitors?
We earn the trust and confidence of customers by being open, honest and truthful in all that we do. We fuel our customer's dreams by anticipating and listening to their needs, and delivering on our promises; failure is not an option. Our responsibility is to achieve and sustain unprecedented results that create extraordinary value to our customers through personal commitment and shared leadership.
Premier Supplies provides customers free shipping to anywhere in the U.S., (items must qualify for free shipping and meet order requirement), guaranteeing next day delivery if the product is in stock, not mattering the quantity. We hope you take advantage if this great offer.