SC Johnson UV Skin Protection Cream - Cream - 3.38 fl oz - Tube - SPF 30 - Skin, Industrial, Automotive, Education - UV Resistant, Water Resistant, Perfume-free, Non Allergic, Non-irritating, Non-greasy, UVA Protection, UVB Protection - 12 / Carton







UV skin protection cream features a high sun protection factor of 30 to provide 30 times the skin's normal protection against the sun's UVB rays. UVC protection guards against UVC rays created artificially during some industrial processes. Skin protection cream has passed lineman's glove testing and is safe to be used by outdoor electricians wearing electrical insulating gloves. Water-resistant formula withstands heavy perspiration or immersion in water. Cream quickly and easily absorbs to encourage regular use and does not affect dexterity with handheld tools. Perfume-free formula helps reduce potential for allergic reaction and skin irritation.