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Keurig® OfficePRO K155 Premier Brewing System, Single-Cup, Silver

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SKU: GMT20155

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  • Brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverages in under a minute.

  • Perfect coffee with the touch of a button.

  • Fully programmable brewer with an interactive touchscreen.

  • Set brew temperature, auto on/off and language preferences.



The Keurig OfficePRO K155 Premier Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute. Get your perfect cup of coffee with the touch of a button. Now everyone you work with can brew what they love. This fully programmable brewer has an interactive touchscreen that allows you to program the brew temperature, Auto On/Off and set your language preference to English, Spanish or French. Premier brewer has a choice of four cup sizes. A removable drip tray easily accommodates travel mugs. Drainable internal hot water tank allows for easy transport and storage.


Global Product Type Coffee Brewers-Single Cup
Number of Cups 1
Width 10.4"
Depth 14"
For Use With K-Cups®
Height 13.9"
Color(s) Silver
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
Total Recycled Content Percent 0%
Warranty Manufacturer's one year limited warranty.
Total Customer Reviews146
Overall Score : ★★★★★ (3.6 / 5)
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I use it everyday!
Rating : ★★★★★ (5 / 5)

I actually won this model at my company christmas party four years ago. At first I thought it was ok. Four years later, I can tell you I use it everyday. When the kids come home they're constantly using it. I don't think I'd be happy with a smaller model. This year they are all getting one of these.

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Rating : ★★★★★ (5 / 5)

Bought my first ones 6 years ago (K150P for the office, K155 for my home), what a fantastic value for the money. Admitedly, I did not clean them like I should have but still, 6 YEARS!!! The office unit died about 6 months ago and has been replaced, but still 6 YEARS!!! I was thrilled to see the same models were both still available as it kind of suggests why change it if it's not broken so I'm replacing my K155. The menu options give me everything I need.

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Does not live up to it's expectations.
Rating : ★★★★★ (2 / 5)

I have always been a huge supporter of all things Keurig. I have one at home, that I've used for many years and love it. However, we are on our 3rd pot in an office setting. To be fair, when we had trouble with the first one after 1 year of use, Keurig did replace it, so that was #2 (thus the reason for 2 stars instead of 1). Then we moved to a new building, so we left the old one and purchased this one to bring to the new building, #3. We were told that the one we left stopped working after we moved, so that was just a couple years use for a small office. This pot was purchased in May, 2016 and had started giving us problems about 6 months ago, so we would follow suggestions of others and eliminate the problem temporarily. It has finally stopped working completely. With our office size, we generally brew about 5 to 6 cups per day. When we have meetings, we may brew up to 10 cups just for that day; not a common thing, though. I have visited their website to consider purchasing this model, yet again, but the model is temporarily out of stock. I have sent a request to look into the need/affordability of using an authorized dealer, as I do not have any complaints against Keurig as a whole.

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Love our coffee
Rating : ★★★★★ (5 / 5)

We enjoy our coffee - who doesn’t ! We get the same brew cup after cup and the ease to use this Keurig is a plus. Looks great in any kitchen! (We have one in my husband’s man cave too ! )

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Sev Friskney
Everyone loves it
Rating : ★★★★★ (5 / 5)

Brought this to our new office as an Office Warming gift and it was a big hit

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Cypress Millers
So much for "Commercial"
Rating : ★★★★★ (1 / 5)

Bought the machine about 12-14 months ago. Worked OK but, nothing spectacular. Limited brew sizes and coffee didn't get very hot. Now I get a message "no water flow; remove the container and reinstall" That doesn't work. The water pump went out. Its $75 for the part and $100 minimum on labor. This $250 machine is no headed to the garbage. This is my third Keurig and, it will be last ... I will be buying a competitors unit over another Keurig.

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Excellent coffee maker
Rating : ★★★★★ (5 / 5)

I bought this 8 months ago and I'm in love with it. Need more coffee pods, can you send me a list of what's available to me.

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Keep breaking,,,
Rating : ★★★★★ (1 / 5)

I am on my 4th machine now and always the same problem , plugs up and after a thourough cleaning, it plugs up again, and of course this happens when friends are over for coffee. After a long decision as to which coffee to have, the machine plugs up. Not to impressive to guests. I am now deciding between a Kerrigan 155 or a ICoffee Divinci. Is the 155 made better? More commercial? Is it worth twice the price?

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Love Keurig
Rating : ★★★★★ (4 / 5)

I bought this unit 2 years ago and we use it in a small office, cleaned it regularly and until the pump went out it worked great and made a cup of coffee really fast. Was surprised the pump did not last longer than 2 years. But it was great while it worked

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Long time Keurig user
Rating : ★★★★★ (5 / 5)

I have over many years had numerous Keurig brewers. The reviewer suggesting that the brewers need replacing after two years is WRONG. I have Keurig machines that have been working flawlessly for over seven years. I have a first issued machine that is still working after ten years. I have the original machine, the Vue machine and the fabulous 2.0 brewer. I just purchased the 155 Office brewer. I'm a coffee fanatic and the Keurig brewers are a great product that I and my guests really enjoy.

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